Water Damage Photo Gallery

Before and after of a home that had water damage

When water damages your floors, we can help.

SERVPRO of Darien/New Canaan offers guaranteed construction services. So when your property is damaged by water we can offer you a complete restoration package and help you to upgrade your flooring, cabinets, appliances and more.

opened wall, showing plumbing in laundry area

Appliance Water Damage in Darien

The leak from the drainage system in the wall of this Darien home meant a controlled demolition by our SERVPRO crew. We can repair the drip, apply an antifungal agent to protect again mold growth, and then close up the wall.

water visible on carpet during a remodel

Darien Water Leak

The Berber carpet was soaked from a pipe burst in the adjoining room that was quickly discovered, and the worker turned off the shut-off valve. The remodel of the wainscotting was put on hold until SERVPRO removed the water with rapid mitigation, no need to toss the carpet.

concrete pad, tack strip and rolled back carpet

New Canaan Water Cleanup

The rolled-back carpet by our SERVPRO technician allowed him to dry the subfloor (though discarding a small portion of the soaked foam padding) with an air mover and dehumidifier. The visible flex hose is the vacuum used to suction off most of the water and moisture.

removed floor, equipment drying wet concrete pad, furnishings

Darien Water Damage Clean Up

This finished basement in a Darien home is being worked on for water removal and drying. Our team at SERVPRO can provide advanced drying equipment like the dehumidifier and snout-air movers to rapidly dry the structure and furnishings.

water damaging joints in ceiling of garage

New Canaan Water Leak

The roof leaked and damaged the ceiling in the garage of this New Canaan house. Our team can tarp the roof to prevent further water seepage and then dry out the ceiling to mitigate the water damage.