Fire Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO employees work on staging.

Smoke & Soot Removal

When this business contacted us about smoke, soot and odor damage we were on the scene in less than 2 hours. Our team was able to restore the property before the next working day

A SERVPRO employee is cleaning soot from a wall.

Soot Removal & Cleaning Services

When your commercial property is damaged by a fire, even a small fire, smoke & soot damage can be present throughout the property. If you have a fire, smoke, soot, or odor damage, call us today.

fire damaged house, peeled water, burnt debris

Fire and Water Damage Restoration in New Canaan

The house fire in this New Canaan home meant SERVPRO crews needed to work to remove all the non-salvageable fire and water damage as the initial step in a build back. It may look daunting, but our team can get it done.

blackened bathroom, water and smoke-stained assemblies

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in New Canaan

The Photo shows the result of a house fire before our SERVPRO team began the cleanup. This New Canaan bathroom can look like new when we complete the project--from discarding rubble to eliminating odors and repair work.

sooty looking walls, partially cleaned and white

Soot from Fire Damage in New Canaan

The billowing smoke from the kitchen fire coated many room surfaces in this New Canaan home. SERVPRO techs can use dry sponges to wipe off the top layer, exposing the painted surfaces below. Our efforts prevent repainting the walls and ceilings.

soot on walls and ceilings

New Canaan Soot from Puff-Back

The sooty deposits on the surfaces of this New Canaan home were caused by a puff back from the petroleum-fueled furnace. SERVPRO techs use specialized equipment and detergents for removal to prevent excess smearing and repainting.