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SERVPRO Carpet Restoration & Cleaning Services

Storm damage can seem like an impossible task to repair... but we are available to help! After a storm causes damage to your property we arrive quickly and ready to prevent and repair the damage.

SERVPRO Water Extraction Services

When water is present in your property after a storm it is important to properly remove the water and repair the damage. SERVPRO Restoration Techs are experts in this field. Call us 24 hours a day!

Office Space Water Damage Repair

When water damages a commercial property it is important to hire a restoration team that is experienced with working in this type of environment. Experience is key, working with your insurance company and keeping our office functioning is the difference.

Commercial Damage Restoration Team

If your property is damaged by water, fire, mold, storm, or wind. We are available to help. We offer complete restoration services, including all construction services needed to complete the job right!

When water damages your floors, we can help.

SERVPRO of Darien/New Canaan offers guaranteed construction services. So when your property is damaged by water we can offer you a complete restoration package and help you to upgrade your flooring, cabinets, appliances and more.

Our team is here to help when disaster strikes.

SERVPRO of Darien/New Canaan is available 24/7 when emergency services are needed. We respond quickly and provide comprehensive solutions when water, fire, soot, smoke, mold or storms damage your property.

Damage Repair Team Available 24/7

When your commercial property is damaged by fire, water, mold, storm or needs reconstruction we are available to help. SERVPRO is trusted by insurance providers nationwide and provides complete restoration services.

Smoke & Soot Removal

When this business contacted us about smoke, soot and odor damage we were on the scene in less than 2 hours. Our team was able to restore the property before the next working day

Soot Removal & Cleaning Services

When your commercial property is damaged by a fire, even a small fire, smoke & soot damage can be present throughout the property. If you have a fire, smoke, soot, or odor damage, call us today.

Appliance Water Damage in Darien

The leak from the drainage system in the wall of this Darien home meant a controlled demolition by our SERVPRO crew. We can repair the drip, apply an antifungal agent to protect again mold growth, and then close up the wall.

New Canaan Mold Damage

The Photo shows the extensive mold and water damaged caused by a storm that breached the roof. SERVPRO has qualified AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians to develop an action plan to recover this New Canaan home. The first step is to collect, bag, and safely discard all the ruined ceiling panels and drywall.

Darien Restaurant Cleanup and De-Greasing

Our SERVPRO crew can work during the night to clean Darien area kitchen restaurants that accumulate grease, oil, and organic buildups. We can help prevent fire and water damage with this preventative cleaning.

After the Storm in Darien

The skilled technicians restored an adjoining room after stormwater came through the attic from a roof breach. This Darien bedroom received only dampness. Our SERVPRO team dried it quickly with equipment to prevent mold growth or secondary water damage.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration in New Canaan

The house fire in this New Canaan home meant SERVPRO crews needed to work to remove all the non-salvageable fire and water damage as the initial step in a build back. It may look daunting, but our team can get it done.

Darien Water Leak

The Berber carpet was soaked from a pipe burst in the adjoining room that was quickly discovered, and the worker turned off the shut-off valve. The remodel of the wainscotting was put on hold until SERVPRO removed the water with rapid mitigation, no need to toss the carpet.

Water Removal Services in Darien

The drying mats, vacuums, and dehumidifier work in unison to suction the remaining moisture from the tongue and groove joints in this hardwood flooring. Many Darien homes have upscale flooring that our SERPVRO team can salvage after water spills. We strive to restore and not replace.

Darien Basement Needs Help From SERVPRO Against Storm Damage

SERVPRO received a request to mitigate the water damage strong storms heaped onto this Darien basement. The photo is a good look at the midway point in a water damage remediation. Techs removed the carpet and are drying the concrete substrate using multiple air movers.

Darien Non-Fire Damage Clean Up

The fire suppressant system in this Darien health facility was activated with a false alarm. No fire, no smoke, but there was plenty of powder that needed cleaning up. SERVPRO immediately set up air scrubbers to improved the IAQ indoor air quality.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in New Canaan

The Photo shows the result of a house fire before our SERVPRO team began the cleanup. This New Canaan bathroom can look like new when we complete the project--from discarding rubble to eliminating odors and repair work.

New Canaan Water Cleanup

The rolled-back carpet by our SERVPRO technician allowed him to dry the subfloor (though discarding a small portion of the soaked foam padding) with an air mover and dehumidifier. The visible flex hose is the vacuum used to suction off most of the water and moisture.

New Canaan Fire Damaged Man-Cave

The scorched ceiling and rafters are visible after our SERVPRO team removed and discarded the burnt materials from the New Canaan home. We immediately set up negative air pressure with the air scrubber to port the pungent odors to the exterior to mitigate the smoke damage.

Darien Fire Damaged Nail Salon

The small appliance ignited nearby acetone-filled cloths, and the fire spread quickly. It was extinguished, leaving behind some charred debris and smoke odors that are SERVPRO team would soon eliminate. We can help, just call.

New Canaan Storm Cleanup

The intruding groundwater has been removed from this New Canaan home. The challenge for SERVPRO is to minimize the storm damage by rapidly drying out the subfloor and walls to prevent demolition and reconstruction. The equipment is hard at work.

Soot from Fire Damage in New Canaan

The billowing smoke from the kitchen fire coated many room surfaces in this New Canaan home. SERVPRO techs can use dry sponges to wipe off the top layer, exposing the painted surfaces below. Our efforts prevent repainting the walls and ceilings.

Darien Water Damage Clean Up

This finished basement in a Darien home is being worked on for water removal and drying. Our team at SERVPRO can provide advanced drying equipment like the dehumidifier and snout-air movers to rapidly dry the structure and furnishings.

New Canaan Soot from Puff-Back

The sooty deposits on the surfaces of this New Canaan home were caused by a puff back from the petroleum-fueled furnace. SERVPRO techs use specialized equipment and detergents for removal to prevent excess smearing and repainting.

Darien Flood Damage Mitigation

Our SERVPRO team can break out the advanced equipment like these drying mats, air movers, and dehumidifiers to save this beautiful oak hardwood flooring from demolition. Our Darien customer was ecstatic that we restored rather than replace the planks.

New Canaan Water Leak

The roof leaked and damaged the ceiling in the garage of this New Canaan house. Our team can tarp the roof to prevent further water seepage and then dry out the ceiling to mitigate the water damage.

Mold Remediation in a Darien Bathroom

Our team of techs can do a controlled demolition of non-salvageable wallboard and flooring in this Darien bathroom. Note the prepared walls for the build back after the air scrubber has captured airborne particles during the project.

Darien Water Damaged Fitness Center

The pooling water on the rubberized floor in this Darien fitness center needed quick removal to prevent damages to the building materials and the expensive equipment. The call to SERVPRO can have this project underway within hours. We work hard so that the clients can also work-out hard!