Commercial Photo Gallery

Office building with SERVPRO drying equipment

Office Space Water Damage Repair

When water damages a commercial property it is important to hire a restoration team that is experienced with working in this type of environment. Experience is key, working with your insurance company and keeping our office functioning is the difference.

SERVPRO Vehicles in a parking garage.

Commercial Damage Restoration Team

If your property is damaged by water, fire, mold, storm, or wind. We are available to help. We offer complete restoration services, including all construction services needed to complete the job right!

greasy tile floor in commercial kitchen, greasy oven and gas line

Darien Restaurant Cleanup and De-Greasing

Our SERVPRO crew can work during the night to clean Darien area kitchen restaurants that accumulate grease, oil, and organic buildups. We can help prevent fire and water damage with this preventative cleaning.

white powder on carpeted corridor

Darien Non-Fire Damage Clean Up

The fire suppressant system in this Darien health facility was activated with a false alarm. No fire, no smoke, but there was plenty of powder that needed cleaning up. SERVPRO immediately set up air scrubbers to improved the IAQ indoor air quality.

burned items on floor, sink and lounge in nail salon

Darien Fire Damaged Nail Salon

The small appliance ignited nearby acetone-filled cloths, and the fire spread quickly. It was extinguished, leaving behind some charred debris and smoke odors that are SERVPRO team would soon eliminate. We can help, just call.

pooling water reflections of lighting, fitness center, wet equipment

Darien Water Damaged Fitness Center

The pooling water on the rubberized floor in this Darien fitness center needed quick removal to prevent damages to the building materials and the expensive equipment. The call to SERVPRO can have this project underway within hours. We work hard so that the clients can also work-out hard!