Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Water Damage Restoration in a Darien Commercial Building

When a SERVPRO van pulls up to this standing water-flooded commercial building in Darien, the crew can immediately get to work once an agreement has been signed... READ MORE

Warehouse Flooding in Darien

The back storage area of this large warehouse in Darien was filled with flash flooding water. The sump pump was clogged and failed to keep up with water extract... READ MORE

Muddy Floodwater in a Darien Municipal Building

The groundwater, after the storm, has receded from the corridor in this Darien building. Since the concrete block, resilient flooring, and vinyl coving can all ... READ MORE

Flat Roof Failure in Darien--Water Damage

When the storm lifted part of the flat roof and dumped water into the below commercial building, SERVPRO was called in to help. The restroom in this Darien buil... READ MORE